Frequently asked questions

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About the site

Why would I use this site?
Suppose you are going on holiday, and have rented accommodation somewhere in the wilds of the countryside. Whilst this will provide a relaxed setting for a family holiday, it won't allow you to daven with a minyan - unless you happen to have a very large family!

Unbeknown to you, there are two more families on holiday in the same area, and between you, you have enough people to make up a minyan. This site is here to help you find each other.
How do I find other people?
The best way to understand how it works is to take the tour. However, the (very) short version is, you register, add your details, use the map on the home page to search for others in your area, then click the button to contact them. They will all get an email with your details, enabling you to contact each other and organise your minyan.
Can't you organise the minyan for us?
No, we don't know who you are, what your preferences are, where is most convenient to have your minyan, etc. We act as an agency to get you all in contact with each other. After that, it's up to you!

Registering, logging in and password reset

Do I have to register to use the site?
No, not at all. You can use the map on our home page to see how many people are in your area, and during which dates.

The benefit of registering is that you can send contact details to other people, so that you can get together and make a minyan. If you just want to see the locations of fixed minyonim and holiday camps, you don't need to register.
How do I register?
You just click the "Log in / register" link that you'll see at the top-right corner of every page.
As you are using a device with a small screen, such as a mobile, you will to click the three bar icon at the top-right to see the pop-up menu with the link...

When you click it, you'll see the log in window...

Log in window

If you want to register, click the "Register" link at the bottom of the window that pops up, fill in your email address and the password you'd like to use and click the Register button. We'll send you an email with a confirmation link. Once you've clicked that, you can log in and starting organising your minyan!
What if I didn't get the confirmation email?
You should check your Junk folder to see if it went in there. If not, just click the "Log in / register" link again, and click the "Resend email" link at the bottom. We'll send another confirmation email out.

Searching and organising minyonim

How do I add my location?
You will need to register (see above), and then you will be able to access the "My locations" page. From there, you can add your location. See the tour page for more details.
How do I search for other people?
You can use the map on the home page to see where people are staying, but this will not allow you to contact others. If you wish to do that, you must first register with the site (see above), enter your own location, and then search from the "My locations" page. Once there, the search will allow you to contact other people. Again, see the tour page for more details.
Can you give me the contact details of the people staying at <some postcode>?
No. For privacy, we don't display contact details on the site, nor are we allowed to give them out. The only way to get them is to register and use the site to contact other people. You and they will be emailed with the contact details. See the tour page for more details.

Your privacy

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes we do, and you can see it here.
Why do you need my email address?
The purpose of this site is to allow people to join together to make a minyan. We need some way of allowing you to communicate with each other. In order to keep the amount of data we collect to a minimum, we only save your email address.
Do I have to give my mobile number as well?
No, not at all. However, we understand that most people would prefer to be able to organise a minyan by mobile, rather than exchanging emails, as it's much quicker by mobile. Therefore, we give you the option of adding your mobile number. If you add it, it will be included in any emails sent out what you want to contact other people to organise a minyan.
What are you going to do with my email address and mobile number?
As little as we can! The only purpose we have in collecting it is to allow you to communicate with other people. We will never, ever give your email address or mobile number out to anyone other than people who you want to contact via this site, or to people who want to contact you.

If you want to see how the site works, why not take the tour?
Can't I get notifications on my mobile number instead?
Not at the moment. We are planning on adding this feature at some point, and you will be able to communicate wth other people via SMS. Keep watching the site for this, and other great new features we have in mind.